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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
College of Charleston

Group Leader: Harveen Soodan
Amount Earned: $1,300 in 3 days
Group Members: 17
Fundraiser: Family & Friends Magazine Fundraiser
Quoteable Quote
"A little bit of work brought us in a whole lot of money!"
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority College of Charleston Fundraising Ideas from CampusFundraiser

Let’s talk fundraising ideas for a minute. Not the paltry sums you get from donut sales and raffle tickets, but real money. Like the bucks raised by Alpha Kappa Alpha at the College of Charleston to fund their annual scholarship program.

Seeking something unusual to help them stand out from the crowd of student groups on campus, student leader Harveen Soodan knew CampusFundraiser’s magazine program would do the trick. “We wanted to experience something different, and hopefully have a better outcome than we had in the past.” says Harveen.  “With the magazine fundraiser, no one on campus had ever been asked before!”

Considering this was the first time they participated in a serious fundraising program, the sisters weren’t quite sure what to expect. The program the group chose started them off on the right foot, providing interesting magazines to sell to the student body and helpful guidance at every turn. And sorority members responded very positively. “Some of them even purchased magazines for their own enjoyment” we’re told.

Still, to make it a little more interesting, they added some friendly competition to the mix with a little bonus for the top salesperson. Not only did they have fun, but they sold more magazines and “made even more money than we had initially expected.”

With 30% more money in the scholarship fund than they originally sought, the ladies at Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is more than pleased with the results. Now they have to find worthy people to give all that money to. It’s a tough job, but somehow, they’ll bear up.

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